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Bull Flag Patterns: What Investors Should Know

Bull Flag Pattern

However, most guides out there teach you how to spot them and not how to trade them. If someday I will be a successful trader with the use of all your teaching. Now, there are many ways to tweak this Bull Flag trading strategy to your needs. Let’s take what you’ve learned and develop a Bull Flag trading strategy. However, I prefer to trail my stop loss until the market takes me out of the trade. Give your trade more room to breathe by setting your stops a distance away from the market structure.

Bull Flag Pattern

There is a record of purchasing PUT options from retail investors and usually the majority is wrong. This is a major outlook on the total crypto market cap, which is probably the most important indicator. After the reversal yesterday on the hourly on BTC Eth has now entered into a short term Bull Flag, lining up with bullish momentum on the fib. Sellers slowing, looks like we’re heading up higher. This is what is going to happen with Bitcoin, so hit the like/boost button if you want this scenario right now! Doge is a great indicator that the bottom of Bitcoin is in and extremely bullish November starts in just 2 days.

How to trade the Bull Flag Pattern — The Trend Continuation

Finally, once the consolidation forms the flag, traders will watch for a breakout higher which signals the continuation of the original uptrend. A bull flag is a widely used chart pattern that provides traders with a buy signal indicating the probable resumption of an existing uptrend. Traded properly, it can be among the more reliable technical indicators of a continuation pattern and offer traders a relatively low-risk trade with a favorable risk/reward ratio. The key to successfully trading a bullish flag pattern is to wait for all of the pattern’s necessary elements to appear. A classic pattern for technical analysts, the pennant pattern is identifiable by a large price move, followed by a consolidation period and a breakout.

But first we need to break the downward sloping trendline to confirm this bias. I am sure aggressive traders are already buying the ABC correction and the 0.618 FIB retracement, which is definitely worth the lower stop loss they have for this trade. After the merge, the price of ETH rapidly went down,… BNB proved to be the strongest high-cap altcoin, and that’s why I expect an explosive move if the bulls break the major trendline! The stock market is crashing pretty strongly, but the crypto market is extremely durable, which is awesome, isn’t it? You probably don’t want to buy BNB right now, because we are very close to strong resistance and there is a… You really want to buy Golem right now because the bullish flag is breaking out and an ascending triangle on the GLMBTC pair also!

Difference between bull flag and pennant

Thus, it’s been among the most reliable chart patterns for traders to use. The bullish flag pattern derives its name from its appearance on a price chart, which resembles a flag pole with a flag extending from it, angled slightly Bull Flag Pattern downward. Some traders note that the pattern also looks a bit like a capital “F,” angled slightly to the right. It is a pattern of market consolidation that includes a slight countertrend retracement to the downside.

The top and bottom lines of the flag have a parallel downward trend until the stock sees a breakout to the upside. This is probably the most common variant of the bull flag pattern. A bull flag pattern is a bullish trend of a stock that resembles a flag on a flag pole. The stock history shows a sharp rise which is the flag pole followed by an up and down trading pattern. Learning to recognize a bull flag pattern can help investors identify further upward trends for a stock.

How to Trade Bull Flag Pattern: Six Simple Steps

The correction or the pattern term depends on the timeframe. 1.The consolidation phase should be well-defined within two down-sloping parallel trend lines. In this case, after a lower high is made, a line for a downtrend channel can be drawn, and we can be ready for the break of the flag if it occurs. Later on, corrective action should take the form of consolidation. Usually, the price correction can be framed within a downtrend channel, pennants, triangles, or sideways action. To maintain the trend, the cryptocurrency breaks out of the consolidation pattern at a relatively solid volume. Any move to the inside body of the flag invalidates the pattern.

For example, if the pattern’s upper trendline is $60 per share, and the lower trendline is at $52, a logical stop order for a long position would be lower than $52. As with any pattern, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Are flag patterns accurate?

There are many options for protecting this type of trade with a stop loss. Longer-term traders often set their stops below the entire flag, and other traders employ tighter stops such as a two-bar stop. Before setting up the targets, it’s important to determine where we are in the price move or trend. The most common method of trading a Bear Flag or Bull flag is to wait for a breakout in the direction of the initial move or underlying trend. So, to give you more perspective on things, you should look at the left side of the chart and find if any liquidity zones have been taken out. Liquidity zones are usually areas above old highs in a bullish scenario and old lows in a bearish scenario. The information contained on this website is solely for educational purposes, and does not constitute investment advice.

Bull Flag Pattern

We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. The Keltner Channel or KC is a technical indicator that consists of volatility-based bands set above and below a moving average. The channels are usually set two Average True Range… The initial rally comes to an end through some profit-taking and price forms a tight range making slightly lower lows and lower highs. It is found anywhere from the daily chart to the 5-minute chart, and as such, it is a pattern that all traders should be aware of.

There are several reasons why many day traders use the bullish flag pattern. First, it is one of the most popular chart patterns in the market.

How to trade the flag pattern –

How to trade the flag pattern.

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